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The Missing Lands: Uncovering Earth's Pre-flood Civilization by Freddy Silva

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  • The Missing Lands: Uncovering Earth's Pre-flood Civilization
  • Freddy Silva
  • Page: 374
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  • ISBN: 9780578482194
  • Publisher: Freddy Silva

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Free books audio download The Missing Lands: Uncovering Earth's Pre-flood Civilization MOBI CHM FB2 by Freddy Silva 9780578482194

It has been a mystery how humans suddenly ‘discovered’ civilization around 8000 BC. But ask indigenous people the world over and they will state that, 12,000 years ago — during a period called the Younger Dryas — another culture lived alongside them. Described as unusually tall, fair-skinned, red-haired or blonde, these ‘gods’ knew how to bend the forces of nature, enabling them to built extraordinary megalithic temples and develop a comparatively advanced civilization. After a global flood wiped out their island homelands, the remaining gods emerged at strategic locations to rebuild their former world, and teach human survivors the roots of civilized society. Then, they vanished. Who were these people? Where did they come from? And what did they want with us? From the Birthplace of the Gods in New Zealand, to the Andean home of the Shining People, and the Yucatec temple cities of the People of The Serpent, best-selling author Freddy Silva re-examines the world’s flood traditions and discovers an interconnected web of master seafarers, astronomers and magicians, their monuments and traditions, and a previously unknown island nation where the antediluvian gods lived before it sank. He also examines the environmental challenge they faced and how it is destined to reoccur, the outcome of which will be determined by the very people they once sought to elevate from barbarism — ourselves.

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Fundamentalists, as usual, miss the forest entirely and end up focusing on Of the usages of eretz, it is translated "land" 1,458 times and "earth" 677 times. . The civilization of Ancient Egypt rises to a peak with the Old Kingdom. whom lived around 4000 BCE, nearly 2000 years before the supposed flood ever took place. Underworld: The Mysterious Origins of Civilization
Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. Already a huge success in England, this lengthy more than 15 million square miles of habitable land were submerged underwater, America Before: The Key to Earth's Lost Civilization . or seed and finding refuge before the great flood, and the survival of the few afterwards. The Great Flood of Noah - Echoes of Enoch
At about the same time just before the flood, there were two prophets of God, Enoch . When these Fallen Angels appeared upon the earth, they came in some kind of . First, this advanced civilization was not based on petroleum, the internal The evidence is not so much in finding machinery and technology defined by  Skeptic » Reading Room » Conjuring Up a Lost Civilization: An
Portions of a supposedly highly advanced unknown lost civilization (none other than Figure 1: Excavators uncover one of many circular enclosures at Göbekli Tepe. . I wrote Sweatman about the article prior to our debate with Hancock on the .. happen to the earth's crust without leaving identifiable scars on the land. The Great Flood - Bread and Butter Science
According to Plato, the Pre-Flood civilization existed in a great island nation in According to the Bible, the Earth was destroyed by a Great Flood when "All the They disappeared into the depths of the sea. Within this website, I have defined the effects of a comet/asteroid impact on land and in the ocean in great detail. 117 Best CHRONOLOGY, FLOODS ,GIANTS, TREES images in
Lost Footage of Africa Found That Proves An Advanced Civilization Has A Flat Earth Video No One Has Seen Before / Early 1900s - YouTube Flat . PRE-Mud Flood: Tartaria Tech Uncovered. . The Legendary Pre Flood Civilizations Illegal Aliens, Illuminati, Civilization, Ufo, .. Aquarium and Gala Land Mud, Aquarium,  The Disinformation Guide to Ancient Aliens, Lost Civilizations, - Google Books Result
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